About Madylen

MadylenHello, my name is Madylen. I have a lifelong history of loving and caring for animals of all kinds. My first pet was a parakeet named Sapphire, who became famous for riding on my shoulder around the neighborhood. Of course, through the years I also had many dogs, cats, rodents and fish. I always enjoyed getting to know new animals and learning to care for them. My friends joked that I Was in training to work in a zoo, and they were not too far off base!

In Florida, I owned three pet stores, and raised American Eskimo Spitz. I even owned a jaguar! I did pet sitting for leopards, and wrangled cats for a TV commercial. For awhile, I took care of three Bengal tigers at Bush Gardens. You can imagine how exciting that was! The only pets I can ever recall being a little leary of was my brother¹s hissing cockroaches. But even then, I just had to pet the little guys!

I am happy to be working with Sherrie at Safe Doggy, as she has the same passion for animals that I do. This job is a joy. What could be better than spending the day with new animal friends? My goal is to provide reliable and attentive pet care, so pet parents feel Confident about our service when they are away from home. I look forward to spending quality time with your animal companions too!

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