About Richard

RichardHello, my name is Richard! I am a pet sitter here at Safe Doggy. I have loved animals all my life, and have always had several pets at a time. I’ve shared my life with dogs, cats, lizards – including an iguana – gerbils and hamsters. I’ve raised Persian cats in the past and am currently raising parakeets.

Working here has been great for me, because it’s given me experience with even more types of animals; specifically farm animals such as horses goats and chickens. The flexible schedule is great too. Every day brings something new, and it’s always fun to see what type of creature is going to need my care next. From the ordinary to the exotic, it is never boring! I understand how important it is to be there for them when their owners cannot be, and pride myself on being dependable.

Thank you for reading this. I look forward to meeting you and your furry friends. Have a great day!

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