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Linda-SosaHi, there! From my very first kitten at age 5, and throughout all my life since, pets and all animals have been an important part of my life. As a child, i was forever testing the limits of my parents’ patience by bringing home, not only stray dogs and cats, but snakes, frogs, mice, and anything else I could convince to accompany me home. My household always had at least two or three pets, from sweet dogs to a baby bunny who nursed off one of our mother cats, to birds and even for a short while, an exotic kinkajou! People ask if I’m a dog or cat person, and my answer is that I’m an animal person – I love them all! In high school I joined the biology club, and learned the joys of caring for snakes, mice and rats. All creatures have fascinated me for as long as I can remember, and if I can cuddle with a new furry friend, I’m the first in line.

For years, I’ve long been the unofficial pet sitter among my friends and neighbors, and have done a lot of volunteer animal rescue work and foster parenting with different organizations as an adult. This includes The Best Friends Animal Sanctuary’s No More Homeless Pets in Utah program for several years. Working with them, I became the Utah County feral cat representative, which gave me the opportunity to train people caring for feral cat colonies on Trap, Neuter and Release – often helping them with the trapping, and taming of any cats that were still young enough or less skittish to accept a life as a cherished pet. I was a foster parent for the Toms River Animal Shelter in Ocean County, NJ, and in fact, my beautiful cat Sierra was a “foster failure.” You see, she and my own cat Oreo bonded so tightly that I ended up adopting her as a permanent part of my pet family.

My philosophy on pets is that no matter what species they are, they are dependent on us to provide them a life filled with care, protection and devotion. When I am sitting for someone’s precious pet, that animal becomes just as precious to me as one of my own. I adore the chance to cuddle and care for a variety of animals when their owners can’t be there for whatever reason. I know how I’d want my own pets treated in my absence, and I’m committed to being the best temporary mom I can be to each one of them. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to work for a wonderful organization like Safe Doggy that allows me to live my dream of spending my days caring for critters of all shapes and sizes!

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Hi Sheri. I want to let you know how pleased we are with Linda’s 24hr Dog Sitting of Hanu. Mara and I appreciated Linda’s gentle, knowledgeable and professional service. It was well worth it. We’ll look forward to Linda Sitting with Hanu. I use the term “Sitting” but we both know there’s much more to it than that.
Thank you
Rick B

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