We at Safe Doggy Pet Sitters care for your pets and homes as if they were our very own. We’ll meet with you and your pets in your home, learn your routines, and together design a custom pet sitting schedule to fit your pets’ needs (free of charge!) as part of our in-home pet sitting consultation.


Becky Wittmeyer

Hi, I am Becky Wittmeyer, the owner of SafeDoggy Pet Sitting. In 2016, my daughter and I took a cruise to St. Petersburg, Russia and we needed to have a pet sitter to care for our pets. A loyal customer recommended SafeDoggy, and after a lot of research and a free meet-and-greet with our pets, we hired them to take care of our pets. They did a wonderful job. 

As someone that wants nothing more than to make doggies tails wag, kitties purr, and birds wings's flap, I started sitting for SafeDoggy. Then I bought the business. Now I meet the best people and care for the most amazing pets. Each one has its own personality and each is so unique.

I would love to meet you and your pets, and become one of your pets best friend.


Linda Sosa

From my very first kitten at age 5, and throughout all my life since, pets and all animals have been an important part of my life. My household always has at least two or three pets, from sweet dogs to a baby bunny who nursed off one of our mother cats, to birds and even for a short while, an exotic kinkajou! People ask if I’m a dog or cat person, and my answer is that I’m an animal person – I love them all! I have been a volunteer at an animal rescue work and an animal foster parenting with different organizations.

My philosophy on pets is that no matter what species they are, they are dependent on us to provide them a life filled with care, protection and devotion. When I am sitting for someone’s precious pet, that animal becomes just as precious to me as one of my own. I adore the chance to cuddle and care for a animals when their owners can’t be there. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to work for a wonderful organization like Safe Doggy that allows me to live my dream of spending my days caring for critters of all shapes and sizes and look forward to meeting your furry family member.



I have always been a firm believer that pets are family! My dogs personally make my life better in every way, so I know how incredibly important it is to know they are safe and happy. I have been the resident house and pet sitter for all of my friends and family for many years. I have had the pleasure of watching a variety of animal companions, including dogs, cats, horses, lizards, birds, and various rodents! I also have experience watching animals with medical issues such as thyroid conditions, diabetes, and kidney trouble. I love the ability to give a pet owner the security of knowing their pet and their home is taken care of when they are not present. Nothing ruins a vacation more than having to worry about home, and I love to be the one to eliminate that worry.



Hi, my name is Mark.  I'm 63 and now retired.  I was born in Brownsville, TX, and spent much of my time growing up on my aunts and uncles ranch, so as a kid I saw every imaginable ranch animal being born, and grow up.  It was amazing to me and I think that's where my love of animals came from.  Almost every animal gravitates to me, and I form bonds with them quickly.

I am a Vietnam Veteran and was fortunate to work for the White House Communications team during the Nixon administration.  What a fascinating duty it was, and I'm very proud to have served my country.

I enjoy working with Becky and SafeDoggy Pet Sitting. I get the privilege of meeting various pets that we get to visit with.  It's fun to make new friends, both two legged and furry that we get to take care of.  Let us show you what we can do for you!!



I moved to Las Vegas from Colorado in 2015. Shortly after moving here we needed to return to Colorado for a few days. I contacted Safe Doggy to care for Jedidiah, our 7 year old Jack Russell and Jinx, our 10 year old German shepherd. I was so impressed with the two ladies who cared for our dogs that I decided to join the SafeDoggy team. Our pets are our family, knowing they are happy, safe and secure in their own home makes it just a little easier to leave them. 

While in Colorado, I was known to as the person to go to for care with their pets. I would take care of all my friend’s pets while they were away or couldn’t be there for them. Having started a new life in a new city, I decided I wanted to work with animals, and now I am doing what I love. I am looking forward to meeting you and caring for your furry family members.